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All Our Hearts Ministry is a Christian based ministry whose mission is to reach out to those in search of hope. We plan to gather all our hearts together with a purpose centered on providing basic medical needs. All Our Hearts will work in conjunction with local churches in third world countries to create a variety of health care stations. Our main goal is to provide urgent treatment and preventative medical care to those in need, in the name of Jesus Christ.




All Our Hearts Ministry was formed in February 2012 by Daniela Espino, a Houston-based pharmacist who had the desire to educate, serve, and provide medical care to those in need. Her heart for the ministry was to have it become a beacon of hope in the deepest areas of the world where physical and spiritual healing are greatly needed.


In December 2012, All Our Hearts Ministry began its mission with a trip to Tacache de Mina, Oaxaca, Mexico. A medical team, one translator, and a local pastor and his wife headed on a five hour trip into the mountains of rural Mexico. Jesus' message of love and compassion found it's way into the hearts of many. Through our interaction with the amazing people of this village, it became evident that future medical mission trips will be needed.

Daniela Espino and Doña Corazones, Oaxaca, Mexico 2012

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